No Halloween FOMO here

No Halloween FOMO here

What to do if Halloween is not your thing, but you still want to be part of the festivities. 

Every year around this time, I find myself a bit torn. I am not a person you will find in line to walk through the latest haunted house, nor will you find me curled up in a blanket watching a classic horror flick. I don’t have creepy life-size clowns sitting on my front porch. No thank you. Blood… Gore… and all-around creepiness are simply not my thing. 

On the flip side, I love a good-themed party, and Halloween, at least where I am from, always feels like a giant-themed party. You get to see everyone dressed up and undoubtedly there is the person who went all in and knocked dressing up out of the park. It is the perfect time to briefly say hello to neighbors. The friendly hello, without the expectation of a long conversation. 

Speaking of themed parties, let me take a moment to tell you about one of my absolute favorite themed parties. In my twenties, my best friend always threw themed parties. It was her thing. One Halloween, the normal crew was at her house, showing off that year’s Halloween costume. Halfway through the party, a person dressed head to toe in a shark costume shows up. Everyone looks around for a bit, doing a mental roll call of who was at the party and who was missing. For a solid 30 mins, this mysterious shark remained a mystery until she finally revealed herself as my best friend’s mom. #MomGoals

So where does not being a fan of “scary” but wanting to be part of the fun leave me, especially when it comes time to decorate? I like to decorate with pumpkins! It brings me into the fun, without going too far. Thankfully, Liliana and Liam has the perfect pumpkin collection of signs.  

Liliana & Liam would sure love to be a part of your not-so-creepy Halloween this year and for the years to come. Make sure you order your Halloween sign before it is too late and don’t forget to share pictures of your sign! 

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