About L&L

Hi there, my name is Andria. Friends and family call me Dre. This is my e-commerce store where I showcase items curated especially for you! 

When I look at the things, physical things, that mean the most to me, they are always tied to a special person, event or have a deeper meaning than the thing itself. 
  • … The sign above my son's crib.
  • … The first piece of jewelry my husband picked out for me.
  • ... The wreath on my mom's front door that greeted me every time I came home.
  • … The necklace my mom wore everyday before she passed.
Our collections here at Lillian and Liam has been curated to create gifts that will bring that deeper meaning to the person who receives them. 
I started Lilian and Liam in 2021 to provide supplemental income to the real estate business my husband and I started in 2018, A. Felk Homes. If you would ever like to check out our most recent renovation project, you can check us out at www.afelkhomesllc.com.
Happy Shopping!